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Residency by Investment

Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and is well-known for its pleasant weather, welcoming locals, low crime rates, and high standard of living. It is a desirable location for permanent residency or owning a vacation home, and benefits from convenient air transportation connections.

An Introduction to Malta

Malta is an archipelago situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and comprises three islands: Comino, Gozo, and Malta. The total population is over 400,000 people residing in an area of 316 km. English and Maltese are the official languages, while Italian is also widely spoken. Malta gained independence from Britain in 1964 and became a republic in 1973. It is a democratic country with respect for the rule of law and is a member of major international organizations. Malta has a sound infrastructural framework, and public services such as telecommunications, postal services, banking, hospitals, and healthcare are efficient and of high quality. The cost of living is generally lower than other European countries, and the pace of life is relaxed. Malta has a low crime rate and drug abuse level, making it safe for children and elderly persons. Malta is a modern financial center and is one of the most important jurisdictions within the southern European region. Its strategic location, excellent international trade relations, and a good quality of life make it one of the most attractive places for business in the Mediterranean. Maltese law is codified, with civil law based on the Napoleonic Code and criminal law heavily borrowed from the British system. Malta offers advantages such as excellent banking services, a central location in the Mediterranean, efficient access by sea and air, an English-speaking environment, and a high standard of living.

Residence by Investment Overview

Malta has become a top choice for investors in Europe due to its reputation for stability, predictability, and security. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme allows foreign nationals to obtain residency rights in Europe as an alternative residence option. To qualify, applicants must make a minimum contribution of EUR 175,000, which satisfies mixed capital requirements. The processing time for this program ranges from four to six months from the time of application submission to approval. One of the significant benefits of this program is the right to freedom of movement in Malta. As an official agent for this regulated residency process, Multi Mulk can assist individuals in obtaining Maltese residency by investment. Other benefits of obtaining Maltese residence through investment include the ability to reside indefinitely in Malta, visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area for 90 days out of a 180-day period, and inclusion of family members. There is no residency requirement, and the investment is only required for the first five years.

Requirements of Malta Residence by Investment

To qualify for the Malta Permanent Residence Programme, the main applicant must be at least 18 years old and must provide an affidavit stating that they possess at least EUR 500,000 in capital (with at least EUR 150,000 in financial assets) from the date of application. The program has the following requirements:
• A property purchase worth EUR 350,000 (EUR 300,000 in South Malta or Gozo), or a property lease costing EUR 12,000 per year (EUR 10,000 in South Malta or Gozo)
• A contribution of EUR 28,000 to the Maltese economy if purchasing the residential property, or EUR 58,000 if leasing it
• A non-refundable administration fee of EUR 40,000
• A donation of EUR 2,000 to a non-governmental organization
The procedures for obtaining a Maltese residence permit through investment are straightforward. Applicants must submit their application to the Residency Malta Agency, which will then conduct due diligence checks. Successful applicants will be required to complete the necessary investments and will receive a residence permit in return. The Residency Malta Agency will issue a Maltese residence certificate that serves as a permit.

Citizenship by Naturalisation Overview

The Maltese Citizenship Act Cap. 188, LN437 of 2020 provides a pathway for foreign individuals and their families to obtain citizenship through a certificate of naturalization by contributing to Malta’s economic development. Applicants are required to invest EUR 738,000 for a minimum residence period of 36 months, or EUR 888,000 for a minimum of 12 months (including a property lease). The processing time for citizenship application is a minimum of 36 months (or 12 months by exception) after obtaining Maltese residence status. The Community Malta Agency is responsible for administering the regulations and performing a four-tier due diligence process before granting citizenship. Multi Mulk is an official agent for this process.
Benefits of Maltese citizenship include visa-free travel to 186 destinations, access to a reputable financial center and prime jurisdiction for international business, strict due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, and an attractive location with excellent air links.
To qualify for citizenship, applicants must be at least 18 years old and fulfill the following requirements: contribute a minimum of EUR 600,000 for a minimum residence period of 36 months or EUR 750,000 for a minimum of 12 months; purchase a residential property in Malta of at least EUR 700,000 (held for five years) or lease a residential property with a rental value of at least EUR 16,000 per annum (held for five years); make a donation of at least EUR 10,000 to a registered non-governmental organization approved by the Community Malta Agency; and legally reside in Malta for at least 36 months (or 12 months by exception) while holding a valid residence card. A 36-month (or 18-month by exception) lease agreement or property purchase is required during the residence period.

Procedure of the Malta Golden Visa Program

To apply for citizenship in Malta, the applicant must complete the necessary forms, pay the required fees, and provide specific documents. The Community Malta Agency will conduct extensive due diligence checks, and if the applicant passes the Tier 1 check, a residence permit application will be submitted. Once residence is granted, an eligibility application will be submitted, and further due diligence checks (Tiers 2, 3, and 4) will be conducted by the agency and presented to the relevant Maltese minister, who will make a decision on the applicant’s eligibility for citizenship. If successful, the applicant must fulfill the exceptional investment, donation, and property requirements before taking the oath of allegiance in Malta and receiving a Maltese certificate of naturalization. The Community Malta Agency will monitor the applicant continuously for five years. Malta allows for dual citizenship with no restrictions.

Malta Real Estate

This is a guide to acquiring high-end real estate in Malta, which is linked to Malta Residence and Citizenship by Naturalization. To be eligible, the real estate must be held for a minimum of five years and have a minimum investment value of EUR 700,000. Sole ownership is required, and there is potential for rental income of 3-5%.
Malta has seen significant growth in its real estate market over the past few years, with consecutive growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Maltese people are known for their love of property investment, and this, coupled with an influx of foreign nationals from affluent sectors, has created a strong demand for high-quality property. Popular locations for investment include Sliema, St. Julian’s, and Valletta.
The majority of real estate investors in Malta prefer apartments, and there has been a recent surge in the development of modern apartment buildings to meet this demand. For those who prefer a more traditional Maltese style, townhouses and countryside villas are also available in Malta’s towns and villages.

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